Monday, June 16, 2008

African churches take position on aid effectiveness

Source: EU News no. 4, May 2008

Under the umbrella of AACC (All Africa Conference of Churches) and SECAM (Symposium of Episcopal Conference in Africa and Madagascar) and with the support of their European NGO partners, the African churches gathered in Nairobi from 21 to 23 May to share knowledge, exchange views and adopt a joint statement on Aid Effectiveness in view of the Accra HLF where they intend to be present in number.

The statement was forwarded to AFRODAD that makes the link between African CSOs and the official Accra HLF organising secretariat.

The African Church recognizes development as horizontal and bottom up rather than top down. The African Church views "aid effectiveness should be measured in its contribution to sustained reduction of poverty and inequalities; and its support of human rights, democracy, environmental sustainability and gender equality". It must be a transformational development that is based on the theological affirmation that all persons are created in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:27) with the potential to live just, humane and dignified lives in sustainable communities.

The full statement is available on request from Karine Sohet

See also CIDSE’s "Views on the Paris Declaration and Recommendations for Positive Changes in Accra" (May 2008). (French version)

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