Monday, June 16, 2008

Oxfam warns G8 of credibility crunch

Oxfam just released a new report warning the G8 of a credibility loss regarding its policies . The organization predicts that the MDGs might not be achieved if current trends continue.

“By 2010 we need to see $150bn in additional high-quality annual aid in order to reach the MDGs. […] rich-country leaders more commonly prefer to hide behind promises, polemic, and short-term self-interests. […] (They) have produced nearly a trillion dollars to bail out their reckless banks, yet cannot find $30bn in aid.”

Oxfam calls on the G8 and rich-country leaders to:
  • stop burning food and start supporting poor farmers
  • mend broken aid promises
  • support health, education, water and sanitation for all
  • support health, education, water and sanitation for all
  • stop harming and start helping regarding climate change
  • put women and girls first
  • prioritize security for sustainable development
More about Oxfam's G8 campaign

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