Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Web2share training sessions with ACP embassies

Following up some earlier awareness sessions, twenty-two embassies (see map on the right) were involved last week in a series of web2share training sessions organized by CTA and the ACP Secretariat and delivered by Euforic at the ACP House in Brussels.

In total, 50 people attended sessions in English and French.

Participants started with remote collaboration tools such as wikis, worked through 'virtual office' services and tried out some newer search options on the web. They finished the day working with blogs and integrating information from various sources using newsfeeds.

Preliminary feedback suggested that many of the participants will use some of the new skills they had learned, particularly for remote collaboration and information retrieval.

CTA Giacomo Rambaldi introduces the project

Several new training materials were developed for the training, including French language versions of explanatory videos and the first version of a web2 matrix. The matrix, developed by CTA, explains some of the uses of web2 tools in development and follows up on the work of the Web2forDev initiative.

We also welcomed Robin Ruquet to the team and thank him for his assistance in the French language training.

by Chris Addison
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