Thursday, October 16, 2008

Denmark launches public consultation on new humanitarian strategy

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently launched a comprehensive consultation process to revise its 2002 strategy regarding Humanitarian Assistance (pdf file).

According to the consultation website, the last years brought important global changes which need to be taken into consideration. Among these new trends are questions of food insecurity and increasingly complex conflicts and security issues. The Danish government wants to take a leading role and take state-of-the-art thinking into account to draft a new humanitarian strategy which takes regard of future protection challenges, the global food crisis, humanitarian consequences of climate change, humanitarian space and military operations.

The revision process will include three distinct phases:
  • June to November 2008: Public events, consultations, analysis and reflection.
  • November 2008 to January 2009: Formulation of the strategy document.
  • January to April 2009: Hearing, revision and approval.
A website facilitates the consultation process. It offers information on the process itself, events, press information, news, videos, podcasts, a blog and a newsletter.

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