Wednesday, October 08, 2008

IDS information strategy: Redefined mission, Strategic ambitions

The Information Department at IDS just published a new strategy, 2008-2013.

It sets out a mission for the Department:

"The IDS Information Department’s mission is to help people to understand and make sense of the complexities and realities of poverty and inequality. We inform debate, advocacy, research and policy, and thereby stimulate action to bring about positive social change. By sharing information from diverse perspectives, we influence those in situations of power to make better-informed decisions and support those without power to have their voices heard."

And six strategic ambitions (the document illustrartes how they might be achieved):
    1. We will have adopted a much more decentralised and networked approach.
    2. We will be presenting a more diverse range of perspectives.
    3. We will be doing more to encourage learning and action.
    4. We will be closer to users and more engaged in debates.
    5. We will be doing what we do well, but doing it better.
    6. We will be more coherent and effective as a department.

The document took some time to emerge, but is well worth examining as an example of a strategic approach guiding the investments and activities of a long-established set of services.