Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Launch of the Intellectual Network for the South (INSouth)

Source: South Centre
South Centre, the Geneva-based intergovernmental organization of the developing countries (with over 50 Member Countries) working on issues, among others, related to trade, finance, IPRs, internet governance, climate change and global governance, has launched the Intellectual Network for the South (INSouth).

The key objective of the network is to draw attention to institutions and individuals in developing countries who are working on issues currently under debate and negotiations in the international policy arena.

The network focuses on intergovernmental organizations and think tanks, south-south cooperation agreements, and eminent intellectuals and negotiators from the global South to provide a platform where research and analysis, and commentaries coming out from these sources gets highlighted to build bridges between the Northern and the Southern perspectives on wide ranging issues. also welcomes intellectuals amongst developing and developed countries be it from academic, research, media, NGOs or international development or diplomatic commmunity to register with it, so that joint North-South projects, partnerships and dialogues can be initiated through this platform.

We are also looking for partners who can support and build up this initiative. Your suggestions and feedback are most welcome.
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