Friday, June 12, 2009

Open space on story telling at the IMWG 2009 meeting

Richard Lalleman from the Focuss.Info initiative convened an open space session on story telling.
In Richard's views, when you try to codify your knowledge the context will fall apart. Talking seems to be a better way to share your knowledge. Quoting also knowledge management theories, he stated that "you know more that you can tell, and you tell more that you can write"

Among the different types of story telling techniques, Richard introduced the 'future-backwards'. This approach can increase the number of view points that a group has in understanding their past, and among the range of future possibilities. It can be used to compare and contrast different aspirations on the present situation and the future.

This approach seems particularly appropriate to learn from past experiences.

The discussion went on with participants comparing notes on the different methods used in their organisations to foster knowledge sharing.

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